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Argument Analysis Assignment on Red Meat & Cancer (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task involved analyzing two blogs that support and oppose the claim that the consumption of red meat leads to cancer


Argument Analysis on Red Meat & Cancer
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As discussed on both websites, the blogs give a more vivid and a characteristic linkage of red meat and cancer. Katherine Zeratsky and Chris Kresser use various reviews and data to synthesize the claimed connection of how red meat leads to cancer in the long run.
Claims of both pieces on nutrition
Katherine has short but precise direction on how the red meat has been linked to leading cancer. She gives a simple correlation of a 50 gram cured and processed meat were a consumption of the same amount has an 18% chance of being increased and that one is at risk of getting colorectal cancer (Kresser, 2015). The article denounces earlier claims that the eating meat on a daily means reduces the risk of getting cancer. She says that the reports had fewer interventions on the same, and they had little research mechanisms as of now.
She argues that since red meat has carcinogens and that cancer is caused by it, then the likelihood of getting cancer is high for the fond red meat users. Her report clearly gives a difference in red meat and the cured and processed meat. Natural and unprocessed meats are fondly found o be red and since the processed and cured meats have the same color, it does not, therefore, mean that both have equal rates of propagating cancer. Natural meat tends to be very nutritious on its origins (Kresser, 2015).
Again, she claims that red meat users have for a very long time overlooked the need to consume and work on diets that are based on plants rather than focusing on the ones that only have meat as their major concentration. She urges the populace, in his nutrition blog that has serious followers, to embrace the culture of having plant-based foods to minimize the risk of getting any forms of cancer and that in the event of doing so, they should b having a reasonable way of involving meat in their diet (Kresser, 2015). The argument she continues to press on is that foods that are oriented on plants are generally and widely recommended in achieving the long-term healthcare that is comfortable and acceptable as individuals grow old. She goes further and gives health tips that would ensure the healthier life is achieved in the long run. In a more important and concluding note on her blog, she totally agrees that consumption of red meat is a leading contributor to cancer.
On the other side, Chris issues a rather different opinion concerning the purported claims that red meat leads to cancer. He claims that red meat is still not bad and that people should not be afraid that daily eating of the purported meat is recommended and accepted within certain levels (Zeratsky, 2015). However, the article acknowledges the fact that excessive consumption of red m...
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