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Justice and Fairness in Transcultural Nursing Care (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

In reviewing the module discussions and peer responses (M1 through M6), analyze a position, from the responses, which has left an impression on you which you believe you would incorporate into your personal, current or future, practice (nursing or sociology). Use a scholarly reference to support the position you chose. they are asking my impression about all the responses to my discussion post. just simulate something. I can sed you someone response to this so Discussion for you to see source..
Justice and Fairness in Transcultural Nursing Care Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Couse Name and Number Instructor’s Name Date of Submission Justice and Fairness in Transcultural Nursing Care Having read all the discussion responses, one robust position left me rethinking my cultural competence in the process of delivering care to patients from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Justice and fairness reminded me of my cultural awareness, and the need to eliminate all prejudices that I sometimes form against novel cultures. I have decided to develop positive attitudes towards patients regardless of their cultural, ethnic, or racial backgrounds to ensure that I deliver quality care to culturally-diverse patients respectfully and maximize their satisfaction by striving to achieve positive outcomes. I will stand by the principles of justice and fairness to deliver culturally-appropriate care to all patients as a strategy to respect their human rights, customs, and beliefs without any prejudice (Varkey, 2021). Applying the principles of justice and fairness will ensure that I do not harm any patient due to their ethnic or racial background. Generally, justice and fairness will motivate me throughout the care delivery process to patients to practice fairness and equity, and deliver care that is appropriate for all. I will demonstrate the aspects of distributive justice by allocating the available resources fairly and equitably to all outpatients to maximize their happiness. Fairness will eliminate the chances of treating patients differently due to personal attributes beyond their control. In my view, justice and fairness would motivate me to promote the equality of opportunity among patients to ensure that they have access to equal human rights and opportunities (Jones et al., 2010). Equality of opportunity enhances the understanding of good r...
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