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Liberal Democracy and Social Media Propriety (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Answer two of the three questions in the document list. The book required to answer is ill winds: saving democracy from Russian rage, Chinese ambition, and American complacency by Larry Diamond. it can be downloaded from a website called library genesis Ill Winds: Saving Democracy from Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency
1) Galston and Diamond (in chapter 2) both define the term liberal democracy. What is liberal democracy, as defined by Galston? When answering this, make sure to discuss in detail four concepts on which liberal democracy rests. According to Diamond, what are the characteristics of liberal democracy? What are some warning signs that democracy is in decline? Which characteristic of liberal democracy do you believe is mostessential to its survival? Explain.
2) In chapter 12, Diamond explains the role of social media on democracy. In what ways does he believe that social media poses a danger to democracy? How do “fake news” and a loss of personal privacy weaken democracy and enhance autocracy? To what extent do you believe that democratic governments should regulate social media companies to try to address these dangers? Explain your answer.


Political Science Assignment
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Political Science Assignment
Question 1
According to Gaston, liberal democracy can be defined by looking at the four concepts: democracy, republican principle, liberalism, and constitutionalism (Berezin, 2019). By the republican principle, Gaston means sovereign rule. This concept holds a basic form of legitimacy to the people, and only after its effectualization can people boost the right forms of government. This lives as the American dream in all documentation, declaration of independence that outlines the governments as men's institutions, which derive power just from the people's consent.
Democracy is concept two, which requires all equality for all people. Gaston states that an example of a situation where all citizens are equal, yet adults form only 10 % in the world today, would not count as democratic (Tubbs, 20018). The third concept is constitutionalism, which denotes an enduring structure of formalism in powers of an organization or government but not coded in writing. The final concept is liberalism; it is a distinction between two liberty, either ancient or 

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