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The Cybercrime Menace: Efforts towards Assisting Victims of Cybercrime (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Report should include a non-profit organization that will assist "Victims of Cybercrime". Topics to be included are but not limited to the following areas: Mission Statement, Objectives, Planning, Organizing, Leading, Funding, Operations, Training of Staff, etc. Paper should Describe Multiple Cybercrime threats and programs that may assist the victims. It may be new programs or restructuring existing programs.


The Cybercrime Menace: Efforts towards Assisting Victims of Cybercrime
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According to a research report by Collins (2017), the collective worth of the internet stands at stake if online security cannot be guaranteed. The research further denotes that the continued breach of systems by known and unknown hackers may lead to a loss of confidence in the internet by the general public and when that point comes, then the much emphasized worth of the internet will be jeopardized. This evidence of research finds support from further research which indicates that over the recent years since the inception of the internet, cybercrime has gradually grown to be a grave menace to internet users. According to statistical evidence, one in every ten adults has suffered under suffered under the hands of cyber criminals in the last two to three years (Palmer, 2016). Palmer further informs that while the figures in previous estimates showcased a lower rate of cybercrime, actual figures from the UK Office of National Statistics represent a very different image of cybercrime in the recent years. Palmer reports that annually, in the UK and Wales, the figures of cybercrime have hit a worrying 5.8 million incidents with over half the number being cases of cyber fraud.
With the above understanding, this report seeks to investigate the menace of cybercrime in the contemporary society suggesting ways that may be used to curb cybercrime. The report will be based on a non-profit organization – Anti-Cybercrime Union (ACU) whose interest is assisting the victims of cybercrime in getting remedy for cyber attacks or staying clear from repeated cyber attacks.
Cybercrime Threat(s)
The report writer deems it imperative that before reviewing ACUs plan(s) for action against cybercrime and in assisting cybercrime victims, the report delves into a description of some of the common cybercrimes and offences. The International Journal of advanced research on computer science and software engineering best helps to describe the different types of cybercrimes on the internet. According to their in-depth study of cybercrime its types and methods of handling it, they determine that there are majorly three types of cybercrimes namely:- cybercrimes against individuals, cybercrimes against property and cybercrimes against organizations (Malhorta, 2016).
* Cybercrimes against individuals – To this extent, Malhorta finds that there are different types of attacks including cyber defamation, phishing, spamming, malware attacks and cyber attacks/bullying. All these crimes against an individual have the common characteristic of either lowering/defaming his online image or interrupting his online functionality.
* Cybercrimes against property – Researchers tend to agree that this is one rampant form of cybercrime recording millions of incidences annually (Malhorta, 2016; Palmer, 2016; Rutgers, 2010). Examples of this types of cybercrime include the stealing of intellectual property, cyber squatting and cyber vandalism.
* Cybercrimes against organizations – Rutgers (2010) research notes that hackers have grown fond of blackmailing organizations to pay them off to millions through illegally gaining entry into organizations records and even financial accounts. These attacks include hacking, setting up of logic bombs, trojan horses and virus attacks to entire systems (Phair, 2007).
The Anti-Cybercrime Union (ACU)
ACU represents a hypothesized organization to assist the victims of cybercrime, suggest programs and methods to tackle cybercrime and rid the internet of the growing insecurity that is recently encroaching. This section will delve into discussing the organizations efforts against cybercrime including the mission, objectives and operations of ACU. The writer believes that in detailing this information, it will be easier for the reader to understand how the organization proposes to curb the growing threat of cybercrime.
Mission Statement
ACUs mission is to be the leading non-profit organization in assisting victims of cybercrime and providing cyber security to the global internet user.
Vision Statement
The vision of ACU as championed by the founder(s) is to see to it that cyber security is restored and the internet is the most secure place that human beings can visit.
The below are some of the objectives that scaffold the establishment of ACU as a non-profit organization.
* To provide avenues for remedy for victims of cybercrime who report their internet ordeals to ACU.
* To champion for the establishment of a more secure internet and the guarantee of users security while on the internet.
* To advice internet users on the measures to take in the case of cyber attacks in order to help in tracking down attackers.
* To establish a community of internet users against cybercrime that will help in spreading the word against cybercrime.
Planning and Programs to Assist Victims of Cybercrime
Nigel Phair (2007) in a review of the extent of the threat of cybercrime on the internet informs that for the first time in the world, crimes are committable across geographical barriers. Consequently, Phair advices that in order to tackle cybercrime, responsible organizations will have to think and plan like the cyber criminals and see cybercrime as an international problem rather than a nationwide problem. This evidence of research forms the basis for the planning options taken up by Anti-Cybercrime Union. ACU understands that cybercrime is a menace and the worst part of it is that criminals in different locations can conspire to cause a lot of havoc and damage the safety of the internet. Apart from that, an attack instituted on individual(s) in New York may be committed by a cyber criminal in India and therefore, without proper planning it may be hard to effectively act against cybercrime.
The general plan of action for ACU is to create a community of internet users who are either victims of cybercrime or are users against cybercrime and pro internet safety and security. With this community created, ACUs objective of reaching and advising internet users will be rolling on and each member of the community will be responsible for bringing in more members to join the community and build one formidable community of anti-cybercrime internet users. As researchers contend, the unity of internet users is one key instrument that can be in tackling cybercrime in the world (Odumesi, 2014; Ayofe & Osunade, 2009). This is because, with one big community of anti-cybercrime internet users at ACU, it is easier for users to detect any unconventional activity towards them and what’s more is that the pool of members allows for members to get real-time advice on matters that they do not understand online. This plan of action is the key pillar of ACUs mission as it ensures that even previous victims of cybercrime who may have fallen victim obliviously, and new members who know not much about the internet and staying secure online, get unlimited advice from their counterparts who know a thing or two about internet security.
Organizing Effort...
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