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Negotiations Between People (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


We are negotiating almost all the time. Whether with business partners, clients, suppliers, colleagues or family members, the success of our outcomes depends entirely on our understanding of the negotiation and communication process.
• When we are engaged in negotiations it is imperative that we invest in our capability to do a number of things. Discuss what these might be.


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People negotiate almost all the time. Every time a person engages in a negotiation, one has to make choices that determine whether they attain a successful outcome or not. Negotiation is a process in which two or more individuals or organizations reach an agreement to solve an issue or improve a situation (Brett & Thompson, 2016). Low (2020) argues that it is a strategy for avoiding confrontation and achieving a mutually agreeable solution. While many negotiations are straightforward, some tend to be among the most demanding challenges an individual can face. However, the success of a negotiation depends on planning and preparation.
When engaged in negotiations where one's skill as a negotiator may prevent losses, increase profits, or improve circumstances for them or their organization, it is critical to invest in one's ability to communicate well in writing, verbally and nonverbally, and to use an intentional, aggressive approach to communicating. Additionally, it is critical to invest in one's capacity to properly prepare and understand the expectations and interests of all parties. It is also essential to conclude better agreements through innovation, recognizing potential barriers or hindrances to the agreement, and implementing a collaborative strategy to assure confidence, rapport, and long-term advantages.
The negotiation necessitates a balance of giving and take. Successful negotiations need an understanding of the other party's aims and methods. Furthermore, selecting a strategy that responds to their interests and techniques best aids a negotiator in attaining their objectives. As a result, one should make every effort to have a polite and helpful dialogue that benefits all parties. According to Kolb & Williams (2006), a successful negotiation is when one party makes few concessions while giving something highly essential to the other. Regardless of the differences in party goals, a person's

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