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APPLICATION LETTER (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

THE TASK WAS ABOUT WRITING AN APPLICATION LETTER REQUESTING TO BE PART OF A FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM AS ANNOUNCED BY THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. THE APPLICANT IS A GRADUATE AND A HUMAN RESOURCE INTERN, WHO HAS EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS IN VARIOUS LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. She was a leader of a drama club from 2013 to 2018. She doubled as a mentor at World Vision Kenya, Tseikuru ADP, between 2012 and 2015. Later on, she led focus group discussions at Plan International. The applicant has worked in 5 different sectors, with the current one being the National Treasury and Planning department. source..
APPLICATION LETTER Name Date [Sender’s address and contact] [Receiver’s address and contact] [Date] Dear Sir/ Madam, RE: APPLICATION TO BE PART OF THE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM AS ADVERTISED BY THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION I write in response to the advertisement by the public service commission announcing the impending intake of employees for the fellowship program for leadership that begins in March this year. I would like to not only express my interest but also explain the reasons why I am best suited for admission into the program. I understand that leadership comes with trappings of power and authority. However, despite enjoying such privileges, that will not be my focus. Instead, I intend to use the powers to help employees and subordinates and, in general, realize professional, personal, and organizational objectives. My experience in the cooperate world has shown me that ideas or projects coming from low-level employees frequently fail due to a lack of management support. People in leadership positions can easily mobilize resources and goodwill for those in lower positions. I have worthy leadership experience. While at Moi University, I was a leader in the drama club from 2013 to 2018. Again, between 2012 and 2015, I played a mentorship role at World Vision Kenya, Tseikuru ADP. In May 2019, I led focus group discussions at Plan International. I have both experience and skills as a leader. I attended the capacity building program for mentors and coaches organized by the public service internship program. These experiences indicate that I have been trusted with leadership roles before and performed well. Thus, I believe that admission to the planned fellowship program will work to advance my competency in leadership. I also have vast experience in more than 5 organizations as a cooperating employee. This means that I have served in various capacities and interacted with colleagues with different backgrounds, personalities, interests, and values. For this reason, I have developed a wide range of people skills over the years. These include listening, communication, teamwork, empathy, motivation, and numerous social competencies. Currently, I work as a human resource expert in the capacity of an intern at the National Treasury and Planning department. This position also mainly deals with people’s issues. The fellowship program will thus help improve my performance at my current job and other roles in the future. My work experience heavily revolves around organizations to promote the public good. These include rehabilitation, child protection, agroforestry, a...
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