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Coca Cola Company: Productivity, Goods and Services, and Managing Quality (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


For this project I will be talking about coca cola
The Report Format/sections
1. Title Page
a. Your name
b. Company’s name
2. Details of the company
a. List company name and URL
b. The industry segment
c. Competitors this company
3. Productivity
a. How would we measure productivity in this company/industry
4. Operations Strategy in a Global Environment
a. State the company’s mission if listed (state in your own words if not listed)
b. Describe company’s strategy
5. Design of Goods and Services
a. Identify/briefly describe two tangible parts of company's product and its service components.
b. How is the end of life phase is handled for the tangible product components
c. Identify/briefly describe two intangible (service) products of the company.
d. Identify two sustainability issue that you see with the company's products
6. Managing Quality
a. List/describe two non-financial and two financial measure the company can use to track customer satisfaction
b. Why might it costs less for the company to "do things right" the first time?
7. Process Strategies
a. Identify two of company's processes (can be Production and/or Service) and do the following
b. If production process: Briefly describe which of the four production process strategies (volume variety matrix) are utilized here
c. If service process: Briefly describe which of the four service process strategies (degree of labor vs. degree of customization) is utilized here
8. Supply Chain Management
a. Identify and briefly describe 2-3 stages on the supply side
b. Identify and describe the stages of the distribution side


Management Report
Name of Student
Coca Cola
Management Report
Name of Company: Coca Cola
Name of Website:
The market segmentation approach used by Coca-Cola primarily emphasizes four distinct aspects: geographic, demographics, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics. Coca-Cola may have been founded in the United States, but throughout its history, the company has extended its footprint to include the production of its products in several other nations worldwide. Red Bull, Tetra Pack, Keurig Dr Pepper, PepsiCo, and Soylent are some of The Coca-Cola Company's rivals in the beverage industry (Comparably, n.d.) Regarding Product Quality Metrics Comparably places The Coca-Cola Company in the second position.
One of the individual performance goals that the CEO must meet is to ensure that the company continues to hold the top spot throughout the DJSI indicator for the beverage sector. They assess their productivity by calculating their OpEx as a proportion of their NSR and comparative EBIT margins. Because they increase sales while maintaining our low overhead, they 

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