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Leadership in Customer Service (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


topic: leadership in customer service
format: apa
number of pages: 1
number of sources: 2
order instruction: study the case and the information behind it.
: use your own words to write a case study in relation to the management and
customer services.
: use your own judgment to certain the effects of customer satifsction from the management through Jacqueline and lisa.


Leadership in Customer Service
Institutional Affiliation
Leadership in Customer Service
Jacqueline mentions that she got a negative customer experience in Wal-Mart; she still has bad experiences with the business. Jacqueline asserts that she is busy, as she has to work full-time, along with other duties in school and voluntarily, hence she only goes to the store when it is must. On that particular day of bad experience, she had a cart full of products. She stood on a self-checkout station, but that same day, an actual person was doing the task. She observed three people being served when her time came and the line was closed. She waited for about ten minutes to speak to the manager. She felt not valued since the manager explained that there were other self-checkouts. I feel Jacqueline would have inquired the reasons why the services were done by actual person while they should be self-services (Evenson, 2012). I do not 

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