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Location and Introduction About The Monaco Air Duluth FBO (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


–Topic: Monaco Air Duluth (Duluth, MN)
–6 FULL pages
–3–5 references (internet URL accessible links only)
–in-text citations
**I interviewed the manager at Monaco, so some of these talking points have notes I’m going to add that you can expand upon. Please include everything listed here and expand on areas where you can. I have included the links if I know the information can be found there. In-text citations are extremely important for this paper. Thank you!
**Cover the location of the FBO and its pros and cons.
• Pro: at Duluth International Airport
• Con: Close proximity to Lake Superior brings weather constantly
• **Please come up with one more pro and con minimum.
**How long they have been in business?
• 2005
• Add anything else you can find about them (there is not much on the link before but it’s where I found 2005.)
**Compare and contrast Monaco with its competitors. (At least one paragraph for each competitor.)
• Superior Flying Services
• North Venture Aviation
o Be sure to include services such as maintenance, flight training, rental cars, US Customs, fuel supplier, pilot lounge, pilot store, hangar space, size compared to Monaco (larger/smaller FBO, # of employees, etc.), and any other info you can get online.
**What fuel supplier do they use?
• World Fuel International
• Why
o Due to international connections and better pricing because of the amount of international business they do at the location.
• Current fuel prices
o If you can’t find this, please just add a section for it with a blank for the price, I can look it up.)
**Do they offer hangar space?
• Yes, they do.
• Cost
o Cessna 172
 Daily: $172
 Monthly: $430 (must have year contract)
o Aztec
 Daily: $155
 Monthly: $590 (must have year contract)
o Citation Jet
 Daily: $445
 Monthly: $2060 (must have year contract)
**Discuss if they have a pilot lounge.
• Yes, they do
• Located on 2nd floor
• Has a sleeping room, leather reclining chairs, a tv, and a desk and computer for flight planning.
**Discuss if they have a pilot store.
• Not technically a store but it is a glass case on a wall that has common items for purchase for pilots
o VFR sectionals, headsets, sick sacks, flight training books
**How many employees do they have and their management structure?
• 30 employees
o Owner, President, FBO Manager, Line Supervisor, CSR Supervisor, and the president oversees the maintenance department
**Describe the airport where they are located. (Duluth International Airport)
**Do they have rental car service and if so which rental car companies are offered?
• They can help coordinate rental cars dependent on customer request but usually use Budget. Other arrangements can be made through Duluth International Airport and the car can then be dropped off at the FBO if the customer doesn’t want to use Budget.
**Do they offer crew cars and if so explain the process (ie: how to get one, how long can you have one, is there a cost, etc.)?
• You go to the front desk and speak with a CSR (Customer Service Representative).
• Crew cars are available for 2 hours at no cost as long as you are able to provide your driver’s license. (They will photocopy it.)
**Do they offer maintenance and if so, describe the type of aircraft they service and what maintenance they’ll perform?
• General aviation maintenance and jet maintenance but only small jobs, no overhauls.
**Discuss the other services offered through the FBO (ie: pilot services, line services, guest services, etc.)
• Be sure to also include the fact that they offer US Customs services. That is important to note.
**Discuss any flight training offered (ie: which certificates pilots can obtain)
• Number of instructors
• Cost
• Types of aircraft
• Other training offered, such as flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, endorsements, etc.
**Do they offer aircraft rentals and if so cost and aircraft?
**Is GI Bill offered (chapter 30, 33, etc.) and if so for which certificates?
Websites to Use:


Monaco Air Duluth
Student’s name
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Monaco Air Duluth
Location and Introduction
The Monaco air Duluth FBO is located on the great circle routs between the western United States and Europe. The location is strategically located to allow for the supper-fast tech-shop as well as 24/7 operation. The location of the air has allowed for greater experience for passengers, guests as well as guests to the company. besides, it is believed that the strategic plan and the location of the company has enabled the operations to provide better flight services to passengers and as such, the company is willing to go as far as possible to ensure passenger satisfaction. This has also created customer loyalty as most passenger prefer Monaco air Duluth for their air travels. Some of the most lucrative services provided by the Monaco air Include aircraft services, Fuel services as well as Crew or passenger services. For the aircraft services, the company provides amenities such as catering services, deicing, hanger availability, parking ramp, parts services, detailing services as well as APU/GPU among other services. For the Fuel services, the company primarily provide for jet and Jet A-1 fuel services as well as avgas 100L fuel services. For the crew or the passenger services, the company airline provides customs, car rental services, limousine services, Flight training, courtesy/crew services as well as flight planning room services.

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