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Programs and Practices for Good Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Your own company formed a group for the purpose of creating programs and/or practices for Good Governance and Social Responsibility. You headed the group and you need to come up with the programs and/or practices to be presented for approval to the Board of Directors.
The Guidelines:
1. You need to create 4 significant programs and/or practices for each of the following categories:
1. Management Relations
2. Employee Relations
3. Consumer Relations
4. Community and Philanthropy
5. Sustainability
2. The programs and/or practices must be based on the guidance or guidelines from ISO26000 and OECD
1. Each program and/or practice must be based on ISO26000 and OECD.
2. Cite two (2) principles, policies, guidance or guidelines from ISO 26000 and OECD which will serve as references or basis for the programs and/or practices for each category.
3. Write or cite the statement that clearly states the guidance or guidelines from ISO26000 and OECD.
4. Each guidance or guidelines must be properly identified either from ISO26000 or OECD.


Financial Investment
Student Name

Good Corporate Governance and CSR practices


Management Relations

* Through coaching and organization of the managers
* Ensuring ethics and integrity within the management
* Finance management
* Leadership

* Accountability
* Rights of stakeholders

Employment Relations

* Open dialogue which makes employees to feel valued hence improving the company’ vision
* Directly elaborate the company’s vision and mission to the employees
* Creating ways for 

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