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The working environment of the overseas contractor (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Assume you are a manager and you have just discovered that an overseas contractor, who is a major supplier for your company, has recently been revealed as operating with poor working conditions for employees (uses child labor, pays low wages, requires long hours, provides no benefits, etc.).
Draft an internal communication that you believe will effectively address the issues of the above scenario. Your message must accomplish the following:
Clearly identify your target audience(s)
Provide an overview of the situation
Promote the strategic goals of your company
Use an appropriate tone


MGT 550 4-1 Small Group Discussion
Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation
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MGT 550 4-1 Small Group Discussion
Date: March 15th, 2021
To: Internal and External Stakeholders of the Small Group and The Overseas Contractor
From: Taylor Francis, Manager of Small Group Company
Subject: The working environment of the overseas contractor
Following the internal audit, it has come to my attention that an overseas contractor, one of its vital suppliers, is presently operating under a harsh working environment for the workers. It has been found that overseas contractors subject employees to low pay, long working hours, child labor, and no benefits among employees (Schuman, 2017). The problem is very critical and must be tackled with urgency. With that being said, our organization requires a thorough investigation of the allegations to evaluate the degree of the issue at hand. Consequently, if we conclude that the allegations are true, the organization will not be able to do business with the said character as its operations do not enhance its strategic goals.
The Small Group Company aims to stay consistent and entirely recognize the terms of extending the business to our suppliers. In essence, every supplier must have a company’s culture that falls in line with the Small Group Company (Eidlin, 2018). If we extend business operations to other organizations that offer harsh working conditions for their employees and do not offer us an action plan or an initiative to enhance working conditions, future transactions and feedback are not predictable. Our company’s image will be at risk.
Under t

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