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The Importance of Organizational Values in International Business (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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1. kindly answer this question: 'WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE VALUES OF THE ORGANIZATION IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS?" 2.Kindly use the pdf and ppt as reading references 3. Use clear and simple wordings


The Importance of Organizational Values in International Business
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The Importance of Organizational Values in International Business
The globalization of companies and markets made the business environment complicated because of the need for companies to adopt the values such as cultural openness, risk management, and corporate integrity. In order to operate in the global market, managers must understand business operations and how social values affect all functions (Daniels et al., 2011). The culture within the business environment is an essential factor that often determines whether the business will succeed. Companies used to operate in a culture where individual triumph is highly valued may have a hard time navigating in business environments where teamwork and collaboration are prioritized. Through the organizational values, a company can have internal incentives to understand the new market, consumer needs, and policy measures.
Organizational values are essential because they allow multinational enterprises to align their operations with the cultural context under which they operate. Understanding the values of competitors and making trade-offs is a crucial aspect to succeed in international business. International companies also operate in volatile business environments. Surviving the extremely diverse environments requires conducting a comprehensive analysis of the possible benefits and downsides of venturing into specific markets. This is an aspect that is achieved through the organizational values within a company. They determine the approaches employed to ensure that a company integrates well within a specific context.
A country’s level of economic development, stability, and laws and regulations often dictate the risks and profits involved. Most global companies may decide to enter into a

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