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Influence of Technology on Engagement and Retention Outcomes (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


i was required to WRITE AN INTERNAL MEMO evaluatING HR PLATFORMS AND DISCUSS MY recommended platform. I WAS ALSO REQUIRED TO evaluate it against the criteria from the provided articles BY ANSWEREING THE QUESTION: Does it meet the needs of employees at each stage of the employee life cycle and meet the
organization's needs for all of the capabilities?


Human Resource Platforms
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Human Resource Platforms
Human Resource Management (HRM) relies on effective information technology systems and processes to manage personnel within their organization. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a technology that contemporary businesses employ to manage the employee life cycle and meet organizational needs (Florentine, 2020). This paper identified Workday as an effective HRIS tool for employee management and engagement.
Criteria for Evaluating HR Tools
The HR team must choose an HRIS platform and tool that meets the unique needs of CapraTek. This outcome can be achieved by using the selection criteria that Sanjeev and Makkar (2014) recommend. The HRIS must be proficient, systematic, expedient, useful, timely, and cost effective. The best HRIS platform must provide effective strategies for attracting, recruiting, onboarding, developing, developing, and separating employees. The implementation of the strategies must be guided by clear rules, policies, procedures, and activities to establish consistency (Florentine, 2020). Employees must also perceive the platform as user-friendly. The platform must also be practical and useful for employees and managers to effectively access, record, and update data and conduct transactions. Importantly, HRIS must be timely and cost effective to ensure that it is efficient and reliable.
A Rationale for choosing Workday
Workday is an international HR management system for the management of employees. Companies use this database to review employees' performance routinely. It is also suitable for small, medium, and large organizations. The Workday platform is suitable for CapraTek employees since it is user-friendly, secure, efficient, and reliable (Workday, Inc., 2021). Workday was identified as the most appropriate HRIS tool for CapraTek due to its capability of meeting employees' needs at the attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation stages of the employee life cycle. Therefore, the adoption and effective implementation of Workplace will help HR to address employees' needs to minimize the current issue of an increase in employee turnover rate.
Influence of Technology on Engagement and Retention Outcomes
Workday Capability to Meet Employees' Needs
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key feature of Workday that gives employees a personalized experience at work. The self-service tool facilitates real time access to insights for all users (Workday, Inc., 2021). For instance, employees can use the graph processing capability to establish connections across a wide range of data points. They can also use the machine learning capability to predict important issues. AI is beneficial to employees since it promotes creative solutions and impactful work. The Ability Motivation and Opportunity (AMO) theory posits that organization success depends on established systems that motivate employees to work productively (Kellner et al., 2019). Automating some tasks and using machine learning motivates employees to increase their productivity by engaging in other complex problems.
Workday also enhances employee experience at work by facilitating remote meaningful engagement with colleagues. Organizations are shifting from traditional workspaces to remote ones due to globalization. This process introduced new challenges leading to low productivity and a high turnover rate due to low interaction among colleagues (Bratton & Gold, 2017). Workday addresses this challenge by keeping remote workers connected and engaged through cross-system messaging and dashboards built like homepages (Workday, Inc., 2021). However, CapraTek must ensure that Workday is customized to make it more user-friendly to encourage employee engagement and connection since the platform has a complex user interface.
CapraTek must also inspire talent to avoid losing its best workforce to competitors. Workday inspires talent by providing employees with a platform to assess their learning needs and identify the skills they should develop to develop their careers (Workday, Inc., 2021). HR also uses the tool to identify employees' needs and provide them with mentors and feedback to improve their work performance. Importantly, Workday provides employees with training opportunities to build their skills (Workday, Inc., 2021). For these reasons, employees experience a sense of purpose and belonging, which encourages growth and enhances workforce retention.
Workday Capability to Meet the Organization's Needs
Workday will help CapraTek to acquire the best talent by enhancing its visibility in the market. The HR team effectively and efficiently attracts and hires suitable candidates since the platform highlights the organizational culture and optimizes results for candidates that match the job description. Workday also uses an agile and intelligent talent management approach to establish and retain a diverse workforce (Workday, Inc., 2021). Through machine learning, Workday can help CapraTek adapt to change by automating some tasks and building employees' skills to enhance work performance. The job characteristics model demonstrates that task identity and significance affect an employee's psychological state, influencing the work outcome (Bratton & Gold, 2017). Thus, the tool helps HR automate jobs that do not require employee engagement and satisfaction. It also uses augmented analytics to help HR analyze relevant employee data to address their learning and career development needs, promoting workforce retention. The Deloitte employee engagement model can be used to develop an irresistible workplace by promoting a positive work environment through culture recognition and workplace diversity (Bratton & Gold, 2017). It also entails providing growth opportunities through high-impact culture and training. Importantly, this HR tool ensures that employees have a positive experience when departing from CapraTek.
However, Workday has several limitations that may impend its implementation at CapraTek. Although the software is user-friendly, it is outdated compared to other modern HRIS tools. It requires more configuration and reporting capabilities (Workday, Inc., 2021). Additionally, Workday may be complex for users who do not receive proper training and education before its use. Such users may experience challenges accessing information and performing tasks intuitively. Thus, CapraTek must ensure that all users receive proper training before using Workday and ensure it is customized to meet organizational and employee needs.

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