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The Task Was To Write A Final Report On Chern's Staffing System (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task was to write a final report on chern's staffing system.

Final report on Chern’s staffing systemName:University Name:
This report about the company named Chern portrays the extensive research and various recommendations on the company’s staffing system. The main goals regarding the process of the company include complying with laws and to attract an adequate number of qualified candidates from a large pool of applications. Attracting a pool of diverse candidates also helps in avoiding lawsuits, while attracting sufficient numbers of qualified candidates leads to excellent customer service CITATION Che18 \l 1033 (Cherns staffing). The outcomes of the company’s goals include: reducing turnover rates among high performers, improving employee diversity, and hiring individuals who will eventually be promoted. Reducing turnover takes time as well as money to train new staff. Improving employee diversity attracts customers of various backgrounds while avoiding lawsuits. Hiring individuals who will eventually be promoted to higher positions can give the qualified employees to be promoted and relocated into the newly opened Chern’s stores.
The staffing consists of nine elements which explain that Chern’s should have a rigid or flexible workforce, hire or train skills, replace or retain talent, staff proactively or reactively, which jobs to focus on, treat staffing as an investment or a cost, and portray staffing as being centralized or decentralized. Chern’s should plan to keep its employees as possible as they can. As a result of that, we think they want a core workforce. The company strategy is focused on customer service CITATION Che18 \l 1033 (Cherns staffing). The sales associates have direct contact with the customers, and they are the drivers and controller of the company performance which would enhance the productivity of the company. Next, we used the four-fifths rule to calculate which population was over utilized and underutilized. It is observed that female, white, and black employees are underutilized. Moreover, it can be observed that men are discriminated against adverse impact. Black and Hispanic employees are also discriminated against adverse impact, while Whites and Asians are not. The report also describes the concentration statistics of the sales associates. Females hold a strong presence in the sales associate position, while males hold a strong presence in the department and store manager position. White employees are evenly spread among each position. Black employees are under-represented in the department manager positions, while over-represented in the store manager position. Asian employees have highly represented in the sales associate and department manager positions and under-represented in the store manager position. Hispanic employees are over-represented in the department manager position, while slightly over-represented in the sales associate position.
Below that, a table describes the characteristics of the job and worker, while determining which characteristic is essential as compared to the others. The next table describes the type of rewards the employees will receive and goes into detail of the amount, differential, and stability of each reward. The next table describes the transition probability for the past 3 years, which states the job category and job level of Chern’s employees. It ranges from 1 being the worst, to 5 being the best. With that being said, hiring through college campuses is one of the best recruiting resources the HR team can do. Moreover, the report shows the staffing outcomes while ranking the order of the recruiting sources based on their ability to maximize Chern’s staffing goals for the sales associate position. Chern’s can improve the diversity of its applicants by starting at the sourcing step of the recruiting process. Next is the recruiting guide for the sales associate position. Many factors need to be considered while developing a recr...
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