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An Event Planning Activity: Opening Statement To Management (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


event planning: write a proposal to the management seeking their approval to upgrade office technology
part b
your proposal was approved! you have been given money to fund a meeting with a team you will form to discuss the upgrade progress. prepare a program for the meeting and highlight how you will spend the money.


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Event Planning
Exercise one: Opening Statement to Management
The Tristar manufacturing company has had a competitive work output for years. In the recent past, our increasing number of users have raised concerns reporting dissatisfaction and frustration with the quality of our technology. In the department of technology, we have been carrying out an internal research. The aim of the research was to find out the areas of weaknesses to rectify them and enhance our customers satisfaction. While conducting the research, we have noted that the company network consists of two windows 2000 servers as well as 300 Windows 8 workstations. We also noted that most of the workstations operate with a 1Gb or faster processor and 1GB RAM. As such, there have been frequent cases that the network, user's computers, and new applications are too slow and crash very often.
The IT department, after research has come up with the several recommendations that will be critical improving the department's performance, enhance the networks reliability and improve the working experience and efficacy.
We recommend that the management facilitates upgrading of the It department by providing the following:
1. 3 windows servers/ rack servers with specifications of 2.3 GHz, 32GB RDIMM memory, 45M Cache and five 1 TB RAID 5-configured hard drives.
2. three network switches for making segments in the network
3. 300 windows work stations and each to be equipped with 2GB RAM and 20 GHZ processor
4. 2 network storage devices with a storage capacity of 10 TB ea

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