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Management Research Paper Coursework Term Paper Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task is about how various functions of management are INTEGRATED to help in the optimal performance of an organisation, company or business. the paper tries to show the various standards that each function is supposed to adhere to, for the establishment of a perfectly competitive production process. this in turn helps improve the profitability and competitive advantage that companies might have in the marketplace.


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Management is the process of organizing, planning, leading, controlling, and staffing of the company’s resources to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. It is the guidance that propagates the company’s achievement of the designed objectives and aims to meet set targets of the company in the long run. Management is a delegation of the responsibilities that a company must achieve by a given time period and hence helps in coming to fulfillment of the specified strategic plans, goals, purpose, and objectives through regulation, effective planning, and managing of the economy of the organization. It is ensuring that the industry focuses on the aspects of the reason why the business was established and achieves the vision and mission.
Furthermore, management has its consequent features that help in addressing issues from a business perspective. They define the management process and the procedures that the company must follow to achieve set targets. These characteristics include: 
* It is a continuous process, and all the activities in management are related i.e., all the management functions are related to each other and complement each other.
* Management is involving and concentrates on the company’s goals and objectives. Management focuses on achieving and producing the outputs as per the mission and vision statement of any public or private owned company.
* The collaboration of the organization’s resources e.g., financial, people, and physical resources, to meet the goals.
Management is dynamic, containing numerous activities and elements in the process. Management functions are different depending on the organizational level that a particular department is at. Some departments focus on the operational activities of a company while others maintain the social perspective of the organization. Irrespective of the different functions and departments in organizations, they remain to be the same for many or rather all companies. Nevertheless, the processes and styles that an organization may use to meet these functions are different depending on the type of industry that the organization is in and the objectives to achieve quality performance. The functions have been developed and revised over the years through the principles of management to better their utilization in addressing management issues. 

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