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Behavior Therapy Approach Psychology Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This sample was About approaches to behavior therapy. the task was to discuss BEHAVIOR therapy approaches and create a THEORETICAL dialogue between a PSYCHOLOGIST and a patient.


Behavior Therapy Approach
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Behavior Therapy Approach
The primary role of a psychotherapist is to help his or her patients in managing their emotions, cognition, and behavior in a given set of environments. The environment in which one lives is the principal contributor to psychological problems. It is against this backdrop that American psychologist Robert Ellis (1995) created what is today known as rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) to cure self-destructive behaviors (Ellis, 1995). According to him, “it was the irrational beliefs that his clients held that were the cause of their distress, [and therefore] he sought to implement a technique of disputing the irrationality of his client’s beliefs” (Cited in Lau, 2016, p. 1778). Since its development, the practice has proved the REBT approach a very effective solution for self-destructive and unhealthy behavior. It vindicates Ellis's argument that people are not disturbed by things but rather by their perception or view of such. The underlying principles of behavior therapy approach are to identify and help change behaviors that are unhealthy or self-destructive. This paper seeks to establish the integrity and effectiveness of the REBT approach through a theoretical dialogue between a fictitious therapist and a patient. The conversation takes the form of behavior therapy in counseling of a theorist working with a client. In uses two characters in Money Heist, a Spanish television heist crime drama series. In the dialogue, Berlin, one of the notable figures in the series, is the theorist or psychotherapist, while Rio plays the patient’s role. Rio is suffering from an anxiety disorder. However, the dialogue is preceded by a detailed discussion of ion behavioral approaches to therapy.
Behavioral Approaches to Therapy

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