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The Best Modern President (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The work is a poster about the best modern president. 




Choice of Photo: The most remarkable thing President Barack Obama did was to become a beacon of hope for millions of minorities in the United States. Obama showed millions that it takes hard work and persistence and not privilege to achieve one's goals.
Current political Affiliation: The Democratic Party
Years of Service: 2008-2017
No of Presidency: 44th president of the United States
According to CNN (2009), Barack Obama is among the four presidents to get a Nobel Peace Prize
He is the first president to receive the prize during his first year in office
Obama got selected for the award for his vision and hope


* Passed the health care reform
* Barack Obama ensured affordable access to healthcare for the United States citizens
* According to Glastris and LeTourneau (2017), after five presidents failed, Obama was able to sign the affordable care act finally
* The plan has helped over 20 million citizens gain access to medical coverage
* Negotiated the Iran Deal
* The deal ensures that Ian does not build nuclear bombs
* Before the agreement, the time Iran would have taken to build a nuclear bomb was two months
* However, with the restrictions, it would take over 12 months
* Failure to conform to set procedures in the deal will cause sanctions against Iran (The White House, n.d)
* The agreement has therefore seen peace reign and prevention of the creation of weapons of mass destruction
* Obama allowed for the serving of members of the LGBTQ+ community in the military
* In the don't ask, don't tell campaign, Obama permitted gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military (Glastris and LeTourneau, 2017)
Obama has increasingly encouraged diversity and inclusion during his tenure

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