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Eco-Ethics Kenya: An Environmental Organization Based In Mombasa (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Writing of a report after an internship period.


Eco-Ethics Kenya is an environmental and community development organization based in Mombasa. It works towards sustainable management of coastal and marine resources, with an intention of not only sustaining the integrity of ecosystems but also bettering livelihoods of the urban and rural communities living along the coast of southeastern Kenya. The projects are community-driven and respond to needs identified in the communities themselves. The Communities or groups the organization works with, have untapped skills and aspirations but face socio-economic challenges. They need support to develop livelihoods that are both less vulnerable to environmental change and less harmful to the natural environment. The work of Eco Ethics is wide-ranging but commonly touches on aspects of small-scale artisanal fishing, entrepreneurship training, climate change, environmental degradation, youth empowerment and education.
Activities I participated in during my internship are;
* Proposal writing
* Eco Club
* Re-usable sanitary towel training
* Planning of the World Clean Up day
* Meeting with Women groups
* Field visit (BMU's) in Munje
* Attended Safety training for fishermen
* Profiling youth groups
* Attending various meetings (TuFAK)
* Administrative duties
* Staff meetings
1 Emergence of Eco Ethics Intl (K)
Eco Ethics International (K) chapter was founded by Okeyo Bernard in 2000 upon a formal request to Professor Otto Kinne, founder and president of Eco Ethics International Union at a meeting held at Oldendorf, Germany and also in the presence of vice president Prof. Gennady Polykarpov.
In 2000 Eco Ethics Intl (K) offices were initially located at Sare – Awendo in a small room detached from a humble house owned by Okeyo and Family.
In 2001, upon completion of Masters of Science study and successfully negotiating for a funding to undertake a study along the Kenyan coast, the offices were moved to Mombasa.
On 16th September 2002, it was officially registered as an International NGO in Kenya.

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