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Etnography Social Sciences Research Paper Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


An ethnography is a detailed, qualitative study that emphasizes describing cultural phenomena with precision and accuracy, as opposed to explaining what causes it. What are the advantages and disadvantages to running this type of study, as opposed to a quantitative experiment? Also, what is the ethnographic fallacy, and why should scientists be wary of it?


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Being a systematic study of people and their cultures, ethnography has been used as a study of people and the outcomes of the process (Fetterman, 1998). Ethnography is beneficial but it can, however, have several drawbacks. Some of the benefits of ethnography include; knowing more about other cultures by familiarizing people with the places they wish to visit, businesses get to know their target market as entrepreneurs get to know who is willing to buy and sell their products. Additionally, according to Lillis , (2008), more knowledge is gained on the human behavior as scientists get to know and understand how people react to stimuli and evolution and finally the discovery of new things is made easier by relying on the ethnographer’s interviews with the subjects. Apart from difficulties in choosing a representative sample, other drawbacks of ethnography include; a lot of time is taken before the study of a particular group commences and the relationship between the ethnographer and the subjects is key to the outcome.

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