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High-Context Culture and the Low-Context Culture (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Reflection paper
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There is a unique way in which one perceives the contemporary society. This is influenced by the things that happen around us. Personal experiences and influences from the people around us contributes to, a greater extent, in our way of thinking. I was an audience of two presentations and a video on three crucial topics in the society. The first topic was about the high-context culture and the low-context culture which was a presentation. The second topic was about finance, which was a video. The last topic was about racism, social classes, and religion. In this paper, I will be giving my reflection on the three topics mentioned above. This reflection essay will also critique the three topics. The impact of the three topics on how I perceive the society is also discussed.
The first topic was about high-context culture and the low-context culture which was a presentation by Ron Kazvo Miagushi. He presented the topic so well and made me have a critical thinking of the society I live in.
According to Ron Kazvo, high-context culture is the culture where there is a collective responsibility in the society as opposed to the low-context culture where there is individualism. He talked about how people fail to value their culture until they are out of it. I feel that this is true in my society. I live in a low-context culture where everyone is concerned about himself or herself. People rarely get time to do some communal work together and very little culture values are passed on to the children.
This topic can affect me and my society in various ways. My society has more of individual responsibilities than the collective responsibilities. This topic has affected my way of thinking and I am now more inclined to do collective work in the society. This presentation taught me the importance of collective responsibility. Ron Kazvo gave us an example of the evacuation of Japanese in the US in 1966. It was successful due to the collective responsibility of the Japanese people. The spirit of teamwork is enhanced by high-context culture. The topic also affects the society in the way of upbringing children. This topic emphasizes on the importance of preserving the culture and passing it on to the next generations. The speaker emphasized on how the children should be brought up in the society. This is a message to the whole society since raising of children is a collective responsibility.
I have experienced low-context culture all my life. There has been individualism in my culture ever since I can remember. Little cultural values are passed on from generation to generation. This has led to the erosion of my culture over the years. An example of how the low-context culture has affected me is on how I relate to the members of my extended family. We rarely meet unlike in the cases of high-context culture where members of a family are close and meet regularly.
The second topic was about finance, which was presented in a video. This topic discussed about the world economic crisis that occurred in 2008. I think that this crisis would have been prevented by the financial institutions. In countries like Iceland, the government regulators failed at regulating the amount borrowed by banks. The banks borrowed 10 times the economy size of the Iceland. This led to too much money in circulation. I feel that the central banks of some country have failed in the past. There has been a lot of criminality in the financial institutions which consequently led to the fall of the economy in many economic zones.
I think that the financial institutions would have shielded the people were it not for their greed for wealth. The video made me critically think of how evil some people could be. I believe their selfishness caused the global recess.
The financial crisis has a direct impact on me and on my society. In cases of financial crisis, inflation and retrenchment are often inevitable. A past example is the cost of houses in the United States and Iceland during the financial crisis. The cost of houses almost doubled. Employees’ layoff was increased. This led to the highest amount of unemployment of all times in 2008. In cases of a future recess, such crisis will affect me greatly.
The economic crisis in 2008 hit me hard. Some of my family members were retrenched due to decreased manufacturing by the companies. We had to share the little resources we had. This led to strained living standards.
The third topic was about ...
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