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OFW as The "Bagong Bayani" Social Sciences Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


read the pdf file about ofws as the modern day heroes and list down ideas that struck you the most


Things that are new to me about the topics discussed in the reading

For the longest period, I have known a lot of people around me who are OFW due to the low compensation given by a lot of companies in the Philippines. However, this is the first time that I have heard Philippines is viewed as an emigration state by our foreign countries. It is saddening but true. The bagong bayani we consider must risk their lives outside their home country just to provide for hungry mouths to feed.
On the other hand, the feminization of migration and discourses shaped the new image for a bagong bayani. It has been amplified and naturalized that women go work abroad as entertainers and domestic helpers and when something unlucky paves their way, the “sacrifice: they endured meant nothing since they are depicted as immoral and pitiful women who did not have a choice but to become prostitutes to provide for families.
Creation of certain laws and programs to support our OFWs are not enough to compensate them for the sacrifices and risks they are making to survive in a different society. Furthermore, it does not only give enough credit for their hard work and perseverance to bring the country some revenue.

Points that I agree with and why

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