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Sports competition anxiety Social Sciences Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Each student will submit (at least) a 10-page final paper about the current
issue/topic covered in this class. You need to read articles posted and pick
one article which will be your paper topic. 10 pages don’t include a cover page
and a reference list. Please see the detail information below:
Introduction: a current issue/topic covered in this class in at least 2 pages (over 600
Review of Literature: Review and summary of relevant previous articles and describe
results of the article as well as how they relate to your topic in at least 6 pages (over
1,500 words). In the review of literature, (after having one article from Blackoard and
reading it) you should additionally review and summarize at least 12 articles related to
your topic and published in peer-reviewed journal. Those articles should be published in
following journals:
•       Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
•       Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
•       The Psychology of Sport and Exercise
•       The Sport Psychologist
•       International Journal of Sport Psychology
•       International Review of Sport Psychology
•       Sport and Exercise Psychology Review
•       Journal of Sport Sciences
•       International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching
The topic article you picked from Blackboard should also be included in
the review of literature. 
If you want to use articles published in other journals, you must have the
instructor’s permission first. If you use articles published in other journals without
the instructor's permission, there will be -1point per article. 
Conclusion: Brief summary of what you found and future suggestions including
limitations in at least 2 pages (over 600 words).
The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA; 6th
ed.) should strictly be followed with 1-inch margins, double space, 12-point Time New
Romans, and no line spacing.


Sports Competition Anxiety
Institutional Affiliation
Competition anxiety is one of the most critical psychological factors to consider in relations to achieving optimal sports performance, especially given that the level of anxiety of a sports participant has a strong performance on their performance. Anxiety is a state that entails both physical and psychological symptoms that are as a result of a sense of uneasiness of a perceived or actual threat. On the other hand, the levels of anxiety is different from one individual to the other, especially in relation to the individual and the situation at hand. As such, there are different forms of anxiety. On the one hand, trait anxiety is linked to an aspect of an individual’s personality in which apprehension is a consistent personality trait. From another point of view, state anxiety entails temporary feelings of nervousness in a given situation. In sports psychology, anxiety can be considered to be pre-competition that is mainly experienced by sports participants at all levels of ability, although at events that are viewed as more intimidating, for instance due to the level of competition, the nervousness can fluctuate.
Sports competition anxiety can lead to psychological or physical effects. Some of the common negative effects include poor concentration, feeling of nervousness, low confidence, higher heart rate, and a feeling of sickness. The negative impacts can lead to devastating impacts on the health, performance, and ultimately professional careers of the individuals concerned. As such, it is critical to come up with comprehensive strategies that can be used against anxiety, which will then help in supporting performance. Performance in sports is not only a physical attribute, but it is also has a vast variety of psychological processes. For instance, an athlete usually knows that if they lose in a competition, they will no-t only get bad feelings and emotions, but they will also lose economically and socially. It is thus, critical for participants in competitive sports to display and pursue optimal performance even under the pressure of nervousness in the competition, especially in relation to the thought of losing against their competitors.

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