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A Personal Development Plan Social Sciences Essay Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


THis sample was a bout leadership studies . The task was to write a personal development Plan TITLED "My immunity to change map and personal development plan"


A Personal Development Plan
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A Personal Development Plan
Change is inevitable, but the ability to achieve it lies with the attitude that one has toward the opportunity for improvements and the obstacles that may hinder achievement. Positive attitudes inspire organizational change, while negativity stalls the progress and change. Leadership or managerial position bestows personal responsibility to identify an opportunity for productive change within the workplace. However, the initiative is not always a smooth path as every opportunity for improvement comes with an equal share of impediments. Competing commitment is the biggest barrier to productive change in any organization. Despite sincere commitment to change, the personal effort may fail to yield productivity and other benefits for an organization. It usually happens when people unknowingly apply “productive energy towards a hidden competing commitment” (Kegan & Lahey, 2001, p. 85). A leader who is mindful of the potential obstacles that might prevent his or her achievements can effectively initiate, shape, and support organizational change.
Personal Change, Competing Commitments, and Big Assumptions

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