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Radial Expedition Bike Tour Business Plan Business & Marketing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This task required to make a business plan for TOURISM sport business. The selection of the topic was open so I chose the one provided.


Radial Expedition Bike Tour Business Plan
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1. Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc19545518 \h 21.1 Company Profile Summary PAGEREF _Toc19545519 \h 21.2 Market Research Summary PAGEREF _Toc19545520 \h 21.3 Marketing Summary PAGEREF _Toc19545521 \h 31.4 Finance Summary PAGEREF _Toc19545522 \h 32. Company profile PAGEREF _Toc19545523 \h 33. Market Research PAGEREF _Toc19545524 \h 44. Management Structure PAGEREF _Toc19545525 \h 55. Service Delivery PAGEREF _Toc19545526 \h 66. Business Model Canvass PAGEREF _Toc19545527 \h 77. Projected Income and Expenditure PAGEREF _Toc19545528 \h 88. Sales Forecast PAGEREF _Toc19545529 \h 9References PAGEREF _Toc19545530 \h 10
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Company Profile Summary
Radial Expedition is an extravagance bike trip firm that targets affluent baby boomers. The guests will experience exceptional service and unforgettable memories. The headquarters of the company is situated in the business district of Brisbane City, Australia. It is owned and operated by five individuals in a partnership with the help of two seasonal tour guides.
1.2 Market Research Summary
Radial Expedition operates primarily in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The bike trip industry is the fastest growing division of the travel industry, which makes it easier to enter the industry and entice customers. Based on past analysis there is belief that the interest for bike tours will increase every year. The gradual increase of retired baby boomers will contribute to the interest in healthy, sustainable bike tours. The target markets for Radial expedition are affluent baby boomers.
1.3 Marketing Summary
The company’s prices reflect the caliber of the bike services it offers. The company targets affluent individuals who seek adventure and new experiences. These adventures and experiences are not typical all-inclusive vacation, therefore they cost more. The company is taking a competitive approach to the trip costs by using value-based pricing. Since they do charge similar prices to their competitors, they feel that the prices are fair for the quality of the services offered. The firm’s marketing strategy focuses on social media, Google optimization, Networking Relationships and Smart Advertising.
1.4 Finance Summary

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