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Comparison study Analyze a symphony Visual & Performing Arts (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


A COMPARISON STUDY – things to consider… A full description of what you heard, comparing and contrasting the 4 movements from the symphony you choose to analyze.Use specific information (terms, etc.) that you have learned from the course in your descriptions. A majority of your paper should be a description of what you heard and a comparison of the similarities and differences between the movements of the symphony you choose to analyze.
Use these five categories to compare the four movements of the symphony (one movement at a time):
Tonality – Major or minor tonality?
Tempo – fast, slow, moderate, gradually changing (Note: each movement is named a tempo marking)
Meter – duple, triple, or quadruple
Dynamics – loud, soft, gradually changing?
Articulation – accent, staccato, sforzando, tenuto, fermata, legato?
Background information that you find about the composer and the symphony you are analyzing on the Internet. After you read information about the symphony, watch the performance (YouTube).Then write your analysis.


Student’s Name
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Symphony Comparison Study
Name of the composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Title of the symphony: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67
Beethoven was born in 1770 to his musically literate father- Johann, who earned a living by tutoring children of a noble status. Despite being a loud drunk who his child feared, the Beethovan'sBeethoven’s father recognized his musical ability and nurtured it. He also taught him how to play the violin and the piano, hoping that Beethoven would make a living out of it. Beethoven moved to Vienna in 1787, where he made money through his piano performances and by composing for the wealthy who appreciated the arts. He struggled with partial deafness throughout his musical career and was eventually completely deaf by the time he turned 33. Most of his music is emotionally intense and dramatic which seemed to have stemmed from his challenging life. This made him accredited with the dynamic world’s view on the function of music, and inspired his compositions in the romantic period.

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