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New TV Show That Is The Spin-Off Of An Existing Television Program (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a digital proposal of either a new tv show that is the spin-off of an existing television program.


The Digital Television Series Proposal
* Identification information – The new TV show will be known as “Redemption.” It is a spin-off of Hawaii Five-O.
* Theme or purpose of the TV series – Detective Sherry Porter, is a Hawaiian police officer who due to her excellent skills was relocated into the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). Her skills, therefore, will help greatly in hunting down cybercrime offenders. Consequently, the head of the LAPD calls her to assist in cyber-crime investigations. As it is a relatively new crime section in the department, she is teamed up with Tom Hardy - an ex-military soldier, Charles Logan, head of the LAPD, Ahmed Khan – a computer scientist and Martha Jackson- a cybercrime CIA operative. This elite task force is very determined to eradicate the wolves in the society. Therefore, “redeeming” the world by removing the bad from it.
Redemption is a crime drama television series. It involves a forensics and police procedural whereby every episode will revolve around the cyber-crime unit of the LAPD trying to solve mysteries behind organisational robberies brought by the head of the LAPD.
* Famous actors and actresses in the action or crime world of Hollywood films are used. The main characters in the TV show include:
Sullivan Stapleton Freddie Prinze Jr. Grace Park
as Tom Hardy as Charles Logan as Sherry Porter
Kal Penn Gwendoline Christie
as Ahmed Khan as Martha Jackson
* Pilot story (the first show)
This episode has a lot of flashbacks that help the viewers have a better understanding of the characters and even their behaviours. The show begins with Sherry Porter in her house in Hawaii. For the past few months, she has not been able to work as a Hawaii Five-O because one of her male colleagues, who was also her boyfriend, was shot dead. As she is still in her grieving state, she hears her cell phone ringing. This is the call from the LAPD department, which offers her a chance to work for the newly created cybercrime unit. She accepts the offer as she believes that al she requires at the moment is a new start. The next week, she boards a plane to Los Angeles. At the LAPD office, she is received by Charles Logan who then takes

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