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Movie Review: A Doll House Play by Henrik Ibsen (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this piece of work is a movie/play review from a Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen entitled, a doll's house. it includes an analysis of what the play is all about and focused on important and significant parts of the play.


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A Doll’s House Play Analysis
Henrik Ibsen is an exiled Norwegian playwright who wrote “A Doll’s House” and “Hedda Gabler' with the latter featuring one of the most notorious theatre’s characters. Ibsen was born in Skien, Norway, in 1828, 20th of March. Ibsen was exiled to Italy and later on moved to German in 1868. While in Germany, Ibsen wrote the play “A Doll’s House” and “Hedda Gabler". In his childhood, Henrik Ibsen had shown signs of theatrical genius he would be in future. He grew up in a small coastal town of Skien, being the firstborn in a family of five children to Mariche and Knud Ibsen. Ibsen father was a merchant, while his mother was a painter, also a piano player and loved going to the theatre (Uddin, & Md Nesar pg. 410). In other words, his mother was a lover of art. Undoubtedly, his mother was the pacesetter in his interest in becoming an artist. The family was in severe poverty while Ibsen was only eight years old due to his father's business challenges.
In 1891, Henrik Ibsen made his way back to his home country as a hero in literature. He may have left Norway as a frustrated artist but went back as a famous international playwright. In most of his life, Henrik had lived reclusive existence. However, there is a great hope that he would thrive and become a tourist attraction in the future. Besides, Ibsen enjoyed the honorable events that were held in 1898 during his birthday (Murray, Lynne, et al. pg. 184). His later works had a more reflective quality. After his return, Ibsen wrote the first play in his country, entitled “The Master Builder”, where the main character comes across a woman who encourages him in making good on a promise. In years later, Ibsen wrote “When We Dead Awaken”, a play that tried to recapture Ibsen’s lost creative spark.
The year 1900 marked the final years of Ibsen. He developed series of strokes that made him unable to write. Ibsen lived for several years, but his presence was not entirely. Eventually, he died in 1906, 23rd of May. Before he died, Ibsen made his last words “To the contrary!” in Norwegian. Ibsen was recognized as a literary titan during passing, and the Norwegian government conducted a state funeral on him (Tallandini, & Maria pg. 110). Over so many years, his literary work has held up since he explored the human condition and tapped into universal themes, uniquely, unlike others. Unlike most

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