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A Noiseless Patient Spider Literature & Language Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Poem Analysis


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A Noiseless Patient Spider
In his poem, A Noiseless Patient Spider, Whitman personifies a spider by giving it the human characteristics. The author refers to the spider as a noiseless patient. In addition to making the reader feel about the tiny creature, Whitman introduces the spider as isolated, separated, and tragic. Whitman uses the spider to symbolize an explorer and to denote the restlessness of the mortal soul, illustrating that his soul and that of the spider face a comparable predicament of using their skills to foster connections and seek out effective and meaningful bonds.
The poem applies imagery and symbolism extensively. For instance, Whitman uses the spider to represent an explorer who does not get weary of reconnoitering the extensive environment (Levine et al. 1395). Similar to the spider, philosophers, scientists, and explorers often stand isolated, but patiently seek out ways of establishing a connection to the blank surrounding. Therefore, the spider is idolized and used symbolically to represent individuals who tend to work continuously and are isolated from their surroundings.

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