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Persuasive Letter (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

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Katherine HernandezSan Jose, CA 95129 13 November 2018Laura Stone Stone TeaSan Jose, CA 95116Salutation: Dear Ms. Laura My name is Katherine and I live right across the street from your coffee shop. The ambience at your shop makes it feel like home away from home for me. For this reason, I love to do my homework from the shop as I treat myself to your signature latte. However, it has come to my attention that the shop offers dreamy beverages, healthy snacks, a comfortably refreshing atmosphere to work in, free internet access but does not have any printing facilities for those customers that enjoy working from your shop. I believe that investing in a printer to complement the free internet access you provide for your customers would make your business even more profitable. First and foremost, all the customers who visit the coffee shop to work may not spend as much time because like me, they have to dash away to find a place where they can get their homework or other documents needed in hardcopies printed. For your business, this means that people can only have as much coffee as their job demands. Once the research and job compilations are done, they have to go. Investing in a printer would encourage your customers to stay longer and work at a comfortable pace because they no longer have to go for longer distances to get their work printed. The longer the clients stay in the shop, the more they end up drinking and eating and the higher the sales that the business records. Furthermore, investing in this printer would attract a wider market share for the business which means more customers. A simple statistical analysis that I conducted within the shop and along our street revealed that some people who are not yet consistent customers would consider coming to the shop were it to offer printing services. One of the respondents said, “I would definitely spend a lot of time in the shop were they to offer printing service...
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