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rhetoric analysis (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

A Rhetorical Analysis of an Insidious Movie Poster source..
Student Name Course Code Affiliate Institution Date A Rhetorical Analysis of an Insidious Movie Poster Based on the fonts selected, the colors and given the fact that the child’s portrait in the poster is darker as compared to the background of the poster already is an indication that this some kind of horror movie. On the other hand, the fonts used in the poster are relatively ominous with the darker shade of the color of the poster being red (whether sporadically or used frequently), a very common theme with the horror genre. From the poster, we see that the designer was trying to convey a message without giving to it much of a plot. The films’ title also stands out clear being it is majorly written in a strong white color against a nearly dark background with an eerie feeling. The title style is also seen to be unique as a section of the title is seen to be red in color. Red, in this case, connotes danger and blood. The latter already suggests to the audience that the film does have a dangerous dark side to it. The word “Insidious” means “entrapped or intended” a name that already gives the viewer a clue of what he or she is to expect. In the poster, one will see a phrase “from the makers of Paranormal Activity and saw” which is a staple in the horror movies genre. For direct communication rich, I at beauty Myra likes at gee m8IL dot com keep discrete. The poster appears to consume ethos in enhancing the credibility of what at that time was a new series. In good conscious, without having recognized the believability from the other two series, it is fair to say that a good number wouldn’t develop the interest in the movie, putting to consideration the posters resemblance that is rather average and that of a distinctive horror movie. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the poster does lack pathos. Whereby the audience can be able to definitely identify the involvement of a child in the main plot of the movie, the audience can also identify that the child is most probably to have something happening to him provided the coloration, contrary to which there little in terms of emotions being played. Additionally, the usage of a child does convey to some extent some sort of emotional request to an audience though without many revelations of events transpiring not to be of emotional display. The central image as seen in the poster above is of a sinister looking young boy standing in front of an old big house. The house itself is a typical convention in horror films. The creepy looking boy goes against the average conventions and code of a young boy, this because those at his age are always expected by the society to be good in nature. This statement can be related to Claude’s theory of binary opposition since the boy is opposite to those of his age group referred to as normal. This already draws an audience to the film since one will develop an interest in knowing what it is that makes the boy difference. Being the mage has a short depth of field (the boy is in focus while the house is not), this already provides a subtle hint to what the film is talking about. Hence the main focus in the poster is deemed to be the young boy and not the house, this is not usual for a horror film as most of the houses are always big and old. This alone draws in a bigger audience as they are most like...
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