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Support for a Federal Ban on High-Capacity Magazines (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task required the student to write a letter to Moms Demand Action - Maryland, expressing support for a federal ban on high-capacity magazines. The letter begins by introducing the sender as a concerned citizen and nursing student at the University______. It emphasizes the need for advocacy to prioritize a federal ban on the manufacture and distribution of high-capacity magazines in order to enhance public safety and prevent future tragedies.
The letter highlights the significant impact of high-capacity magazines on the lethality of firearms, particularly in mass shootings. It references a study by Everton for Gun Safety, which indicates that more than half of mass shootings between 2009 and 2017 involved firearms equipped with high-capacity magazines. The letter argues that high-capacity magazines are not typically used for legitimate purposes, such as hunting or self-defense, but rather contribute to incidents of gun violence.
Additionally, the letter references the Second Amendment, acknowledging that the right to bear arms is subject to government regulation. It contends that a ban on high-capacity magazines would not infringe upon Second Amendment rights and is a necessary step towards promoting gun safety.
The letter expresses appreciation for Moms Demand Action's efforts in advocating for common-sense gun laws and raising awareness about gun violence. It urges them to continue their work in advocating for a federal ban on high-capacity magazines as an important measure to prevent future gun tragedies and save lives.
The student includes references to support the points made in the letter, indicating a well-researched and informed position on the topic. The letter is concise and clearly conveys the writer's support for the proposed advocacy. Overall, it effectively fulfills the task of expressing support for a federal ban on high-capacity magazines in a well-structured and persuasive manner.


Moms Demand Action - Maryland
P.O. Box 40136
Baltimore, MD 21212
RE: Support for a Federal Ban on High-Capacity Magazines
Dear Moms Demand Action
As a concerned citizen and a nursing student at University ______, I am writing to express my deep concern about the availability of high-capacity magazines which pose a significant threat to public safety. As it stands, the Second Amendment holds that the government may regulate the use of certain types of weapons or firearms that are deemed uncertain or unusual. I am hereby urging Moms Demand Action to prioritize advocacy for a federal ban on the manufacture and distribution of high capacity magazines in order to prevent future tragedies and save lives.
As you may be aware, high capacity magazines are often utilized in acts of gun violence such as mass shootings and there is overwhelming evidence that they have a significant impact on the lethality of the firearms. According to a study conducted by Everton for Gun safety, more than half (57%) of mass shootings between 2009 and 2017 involved

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