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The Fight for Womens'Independence in the Middle East (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

this was analysis of a film that had a theme which aimed at fighting for the freedom of women in the middle east source..
Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Fight for Womens’Independence in the Middle East Wadja is a new film produced, directed and released by the a the first female in Saudi Arabi that is known to be a kingdom dominated by men and women can hardly participate in such activities. The film is directed by Haifa al-Mansour together with another actress like Waad Muhammed. The main theme of this film is women liberalization in the in the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia. In the film, we are told of a cheeky young girl who is independent-minded called Wadjda who is very much interested in riding the bike. This young lady wants to buy the bike so that she can play the race with Abdullah one of her male neighbors even though she knows very well that she should not play with the boy. According to Haifa Al-Mansour’ film, the women of Saudi Arabia are going through restrictions from their male counterparts that can best be described as the denial of the rights and freedom. These women are prohibited from driving vehicles and it, therefore, calls for strong punishment should anyone of them be found driving. They are not allowed to mix freely with males whether their brothers or close relatives as this is seen as a way that will defile their virginity. No women are allowed to talk or laugh in the public as this is considered a great taboo that calls for punishment for any female who goes against it. None of the women is allowed to ride bicycle whether it is just a way of entertainment or leisure. The vision of Haifa will be of great relief to the women of Palestine and Jordan since they are also undergoing such restrictions. According to Syrian Bride, the hard political existence between Israel and Syria has negatively affected the lives of many. She could not get the opportunity to cross the red tape that exists between these two countries to meet her husband to be. Families have been divided with some living in Syria and some living in Israel. Nobody can get the opportunity to cross a visit his or her relative on the other side. From the film, Mano’s sister is unhappily married and she wants to attend university for her studies but could not b allowed by the husband who is afraid of defaming his image in the society. There is no futu...
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