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Practical Nursing Experience Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the paper asked the students to write their experience in nursing career and what made them choose nursing course.


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Practical Nursing Experience
Ever since I was a teenager, I had this undying love for nursing as a career. When I was growing up, I would role-play as a nurse, and sometimes make either one of my parents act as the patient, and it was very satisfactory. And then I grew up, and my interest in nursing developed further into a desire, a passion, and a career choice. I decided to major in nursing because I believed that nurses are among the people who make positive change and impact in the world. They are out there saving lives daily, and some people would argue that doctors do that. But I would counter that by asking, who cares for these patients, who checks them in? Nursing is a calling, especially for me, and I like that I get to save lives and impact people's lives as positively as possible.
Additionally, I came to learn that nursing as a course is relatively cheap, flexible seeing as I can also study online, and I can explore while still practicing it. Even better, as a registered nurse, I get to choose my specialty. I could go on and on about my love and preference for nursing over any other career.
As a registered nurse, my studies, as well as my work schedule, are very flexible. Like I stated, one of the reasons I was thrilled to pick this particular passion or, more precisely, career is that I can study and work, and my learning experiences never end. So when I was starting on this journey, I was hell-bent on doing these two work together. I desired to be able to start working as soon as possible and still indulge in in-class learning. The thing is, I have this notion that in as much as classwork, long lectures and even theories are essential and not to mention helpful, there is a great deal of knowledge that can be collected from the field. To be more specific, clinical practice has a lot to offer a registered nursing student than any class lecture ever would. And it was with these minds that I found myself interning during night shifts in a local hospital in my neighborhood for about a month last fall.

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