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Different Types of Power in Business (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The primary task was to discuss various types of power by providing definition of each type of power using an example. The paper also required the writer to illustrate how the types of power can be used by a manager in their workplace. In addition, the application of each type of power within the workplace was needed.


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Different Types of Power in Business
Power is an essential element of management. French and Raven identified five types of power that can be used in the workplace: reward, coercive, referent, expert, and legitimate. Understanding how each type of power works makes it possible to use them effectively to achieve desired outcomes. This paper will discuss the definitions and applications of each type of power, as well as how I would use them as a manager at my current place of work or most recent.
Application and Definition of Reward Power
Reward power is a sort of power acquired from the ability to influence the behavior of others by offering them rewards (French & Raven 263). This power is frequently employed to motivate and encourage others to do specific activities or comply with requests. Rewards can be material, such as money, gifts, or special privileges, or intangible, such as recognition and acclaim (French & Raven 263). Reward power is frequently employed to motivate employees, consumers, and other stakeholders to act as intended. Reward power can be implemented in a variety of methods and settings. It is frequently used in business to inspire staff to achieve objectives, enhance productivity, and meet deadlines. It can also urge people to acquire goods or services or participate in a specific activity. Reward power can be utilized in education to push pupils to perform their best and achieve academic achievement. Reward power can influence voter support

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