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Entrepreneurship vs 9-5 working days Business & Marketing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Entrepreneurship vs 9-5 Working
1. What is Entrepreneurship?
2. What is 9-5 working?
3. The benefits of entrepreneurship
4. The benefits of 9-5 working
5. The disadvantages of 9-5 working
6. The disadvantages of entrepreneurship
7. Success Stories of Entrepreneurship:
a. Apple
b. Microsoft
c. Facebook
d. Twitter.
e. Google
8. Success, as defined by 9-5 working.
9. The internet as a playing field
10. Affiliate marketing
11. Requirements for being an entrepreneur
12. Requirements for being a 9-5 worker
What is entrepreneurship?
There are two kinds of ways people work; one is for themselves, and other is for their company/ boss/ leader. The former kind of working is known as entrepreneurship. The term basically refers to the setting up of a business in order to generate money. Entrepreneurship can mean anything; from running your own company and generating millions, to working as a street vendor, selling off hot dogs. Whatever you earn, you take home a bit of it and the rest of it goes back in to your business. That's called entrepreneurship. However, there are many kinds of entrepreneurship that must be understood before we proceed further.
Let's talk about major companies first. Usually, these companies have shareholders, who own a stake in the company. The one with the greatest stake in the company is usually the leading partner, and as a result, gets to make the final say on proceedings. That, does not mean that he/ she is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is one who chooses to work for himself, to create a way of generating money for himself rather than work under somebody. As a result, instead of looking for a job, they create one for themselves.
Consider a street vendor running a mobile food shop, along with a guy working at your neighborhood McDonald's. Both of them are selling burgers. The guy at McDonald's gets a fixed rate for his services; regardless of t he business he caters to. He can take home whatever is earned. The one in the mobile shop can only generate as much money as the customers he gets. From that money, he must take out expenses that are used to keep the business running, and then whatever is left is taken home. That means, some days he might be considerably rich, and on others, might be going home without a penny. However, that business is his. Nobody can kick him out. Nobody can replace him. He decides how the business is run. And that is entrepreneurship.
What is 9-5 working?
The term is pretty self explanatory in its own regard. 9-5 working is the standard working that so many of us resort to. As soon as we get our degrees, we start looking for jobs. Throughout the globe, the common mindset is to get a degree and then look for a job. The thing is, these jobs are not easy to find. The market is becoming more and more saturated nowadays, and people are finding it very difficult to find a good job. The starting salaries have declined due to the rising supply of human capital, and people are finding it more and more difficult to get employed.
9-5 working has a set of characteristics though. It's like you are a piece in a giant puzzle. You perform a set of tasks, which ultimately leads to the generation of revenue for the company, and then when your shift ends, you go home. You have to report to a boss/ manager, who will then report to another higher official, and at the top of the chain is the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer. That's how the process continues. Those who think that they can become overnight millionaires might want to opt for entrepreneurship, because when you are working in a company, there is a hierarchy that you must adapt to; it takes time to reach to the very top.

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