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Efficiency and Service Delivery (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


As a design department supervisor, write a memo to your departmental members informing them about the changes that are going to take place as an order from the top management. Inform the departmental members the reasons for the changes and convince them to welcome the changes since they area meant for the common good for all.


Efficiency and Service Delivery
Hope everyone is well in regard to the duties and responsibility assigned. I’m writing to bring to your attention about a number of aspects concerning our departmental operation. In this quarter, the management is focused on cutting costs and boosting productivity strategy to beat the ever increasing competition to remain at the top in the industry. To achieve this, the management has come to a conclusion that improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the departmental operations is the ultimate way. Therefore, the management has decided to closely monitor how departments operates to ensure that every department in this organization perform to their full potential.
I have been informed that the design department is one of the most ear-marked and noted department that when improved, the organization will achieve its goal. The management appreciate the work that this department is doing. However, it has notified me that this department has much potential than the current output. It has examined the daily operations of this department and has noticed that the department is not working up to the expected standards. One notable aspect that the management is raising about the design department is that we are taking too long on the project than expected. If we can take the shortest time possible on every project, the organization will be able to save on costs and productivity will increase. It has been also noted that neither are we simplifying the specifications nor putting the specifications of the designs in one place (document) hence, it is becoming difficult for the management to share the information with the clients. These two and many other issues need to be resolved faster to foster efficiency in our operations.

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