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Long Gone Traditions Like Marriage (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


take the position of your ancestors and narate a story of their traditional practices those days in two pages


The Long-Gone Tradition
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The Long-Gone Tradition
Marriage is an activity practiced worldwide among communities, and African tribes have the most unique and fascinating marriage ceremonies as a tradition. For instance, the Luo, my tribe of origin, had one of the most exciting marriage processes before civilization knocked in our land.
Marriage is considered an agreement between two couples, but it was a different affair among the Luo community during my youthful days. The marriage ceremony was rather complicated and was considered the most significant event in a Luo's life. A man who intended to marry a girl he liked had to ask the bride's parents for their agreement and recommend the bride price; the ''Ayie'' was the ceremony of paying a sum to the bride's mother. Ayie is a Dholuo word meaning ''I agree''. It was the phrase that concluded the deal on the price that the groom had to pay; the ''Ayie'' also involved other family members and a neutral intermediary, who did not belong to the two families. Once the groom obtained the bride's consent, the wedding ceremony could be celebrated, and the couple could no longer change their mind. The tradition that followed was the ''meko,'' bride kidnapping; the bride's capture was carried out by friends and relatives of the groom who captured the girl to take her to the future husband's house.
On the kidnapping day, the bride's side was always counteracted by the bride's relatives to test the kidnappers' courage and make the kidnappers understand the importance of the bride for the groom. Skirmishes with sticks also happened while the bride screamed and tried to wriggle to demonstrate attachment to her father, even though he was conducive to the marriage and aware of the kidnapping. If the girl was opposed to the marriage, she had various ways to stop the ''meko'', embracing euphobia, climbing a termite mound still crying while facing her home, or collecting some soil, putting it in her mouth and spit it to her captors. Once the ''meko'' was over, the groom would understand the causes of such an objection and find a solution. Even if a solution were found, the girl would always be marked by that act considered inappropriate. If the ''meko'' was successful, the girl was brought to the hurt of her future husband; here, there wa

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