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Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Powerpoint IT Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this is an assignment for a technical writing course i took in coursera.


Creating Accessible Documents with Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint is a program by Microsoft used to create slideshows and presentations for business, educational, or informal purposes.
This article gives instructions to create an MS PowerPoint presentation accessible to people with disabilities. The text and content within the presentation will be formatted correctly to be read by assistive technologies such as screen readers.
The core components to incorporate to the presentation are the use of Alternate Text for visuals, Slide Titles and Design, Order of Slide Contents, Meaningful Hyperlinks, Accessible Tables, Text Accessibility and Color Scheme, and Accessible Videos. Follow the practices below for creating accessible PowerPoint presentations.
* Alternate Text for Visuals
Alt text (Alternate text) is used to briefly describe an image or contents of a table, so that a screen reader can describe an image to users who can’t see the image.
1.Right-click an image and select Edit Alt Text.
2. In the text entry field that appears, write the description for the image. Be brief and concise with the description. Alternatively, select Generate a description for me and Microsoft’s cloud-powered intelligent services will provide the description for you.
3. If the visuals are decorative only (such as stylistic borders), mark them as by ticking the box for Mark as decorative. The text entry field becomes gray.
4.Repeat the same process for tables, charts, shapes, and other visuals in the document.

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