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Integration oh EHR Systems in Healthcare for Flawless Operations (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


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Student will create and submit a PowerPoint presention on a Hospital-baseb Electronic Health Record (EHR) process and present it as if he/she is working internally in a Healthcare institution and using the material train staff. The hospital is in the process of implementing a new system and the staff does not know how the sytem works or what is involved. The presentation should include appropriate graphs, and other visual animation aids for the audience.
Submit your PowerPoint Presentation and any supporting documentation
Project 2 – Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Format: PowerPoint (PP) presentation document. Document is to be submitted to the professor.
The PP presentation theme should focus on the idea that you, the presenter, are conducting an Electronic Health Record training session for the staff of a Hospital facility. The Hospital is in the process of converting to the EHR and the staff does not know how the EHR system works or what is involved.
Length Presentation should be10-20 slides.
Materials Sample information related to EHRs is posted on BB for your review and to get an idea how to prepare your paper presentation. 
A Rubric for this presentation is posted on BB.
Use the Internet to search for more information and feel free to use graphs, pictures or images


The title of the Task: Intergration oh EHR sytems in Healthcare for flawless operations.
Course and Section Number:
Date of Submission:
The terms EHR and EMR are at many times interchangeably used to mean the same thing. However, each team distinctly and exclusively has a different meaning and thus should one should not be used to refer to the other. The electronic health record (EHR) system is a digitalized version of the original EMR charts of patients. EHRs are an updated real-time patient-centered record that appropriates information at a click (instantly) and in a secure manner to authorized users. Despite the EHR not containing patients’ medical and treatment histories, the system is designed to go way above standard clinical data collected in an entity’s office and provides an all inclusive broader view of a patient’s care. To add on, EHR data can be procedurally created, managed systematically and used for consultation practices by authorized clinicians and workforce across stretching to more than one healthcare entity.
Electronic medical records -EMRs-are a digital upgrade of the paper charts available in clinician’s office. It contains medical and treatment history of patients in a single practice. EMRs are advantageous over paper records but cannot compare to the autonomy of EHR system attributed to the fact that information cannot be easily channeled out of the practice. It is quite similar to the old paperwork recording.
The 21st Century has radically transformed marked by the rapidly changing technological advancements that have ushered in the use of smartphones and internet-enabled devices. Consequently, communication has been made quickly and cheap which has brought forth significant positive impacts in healthcare sector which are information rich enterprise.EHR is responsible for a tremendous, flawless movement of communication within a digitalized infrastructural framework in Healthcare- Patient Information is at reach whenever and wherever it is required. The statutory Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act –HITECH- has substantially expressed a commendable commitment of Federal resources as a way of giving backup to the general adoption of EHRs
The benefits of in-cooperation of EHRs include.
i) Improved patient care
ii). Increased patient participation
iii). Improved care coordination
iv). Improved Diagnostics and patient outcomes
v). Practical efficiencies and Cost Savings
The actual implementation of EHR in healthcare necessitates a feasibility study of the medical entity, and some parameters put into consideration as elaborately discussed below.
i) Assessing the Practice Readiness
A requisite initial step of EHR implementation is the conducting an assessment of the current practice bringing to account the goals, demand, financial and technical based readiness. This general overview will with no doubt provide a basis for the level of preparedness and designation of an implementation plan meeting the needs of the practice.
ii). Planning an approach method
The best implementation plan is achievable by engaging in planning draws on the acquired capacity information at the assessment stage
iii). Selection of an appropriate Upgrade to a Certified EHR
The selection an EHR system is an uptight critical decision having a lot of significance. Understanding how a vendor’s new product will ascertain realizations of the principal objectives of the practice. I should also clearly outline start-up costs of the EHR system and values for available data migration strategy. Privacy and security issues and backup planning should also be a critical factor.
iv). Conducting Training and Implementation of an EHR System
Some installation procedures on the EHR system and related activities like mock training and pilot testing have to be carried out. The EHR implementation plan should be executed carefully ensuring that Chart abstraction formalities and data migration steps are in line ...
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