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Individual Project (Reaction Paper Sample)


The client wanted me to submit a final expository essay that blends the viewpoints from Units 3 and 4, that he had provided. Specifically, he wanted me to bring together the writing techniques that he had learned throughout the course to compose an expository paper.


Individual Project Unit 5
Esmeralda M Romero
Individual Project Unit 5
Debates about tattooed employees have been forgoing for a long time. According to the thesis of the previous assignment, tattoos have started to gain wider acceptance in the American society. The aim of this paper is to give a broader the scope of understanding of the thesis statement. Both sides of the argument will be outlined in an effort to explain the relevance of the topic. Clustering technique is used to show the relation between pros and cons of allowing tattooing in the workplace and the impact to both employees and employers. There are now new ideas introduced in this paper as it is a reflection of the previous work.Tattoos have evolved from an era of little civilization to the modern industrialized world where people are linked to both local and international markets. People of different cultures can interact more easily than before. Even though the law upholds dressing code policy in th...
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