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Smoking (Reaction Paper Sample)


Dear Writer, i have to do article review. from three sources from below online library only. if you took 3 articles . online library : But make sure it is only from this library


Article 1.
Section 1
Source: HCT Libraries page >Discover>Electronic Resources
Search terms: Quitting Smoking
Section 2
Title: Failure to Report Attempts to Quit Smoking
Accurate research and assessing the history of smoking is significant in the development of estimates concerning the cessation from smoking habits and further increase people's understanding of the implications of the lifestyle. Hence, this study carried out investigations to the failure of relevant stakeholders to record and report smoking quit attempts for one year. The study utilized data from the Smoking Toolkit Study, which is a continuous survey of various groups of people in the society specifically analyzing the current smokers and those individuals who quitted the habit in the recent times. The individuals in the study are handled within normal environmental conditions. The study depicted that many individuals could attempt to quit, but those ambitions only lasted for a shorter period that failed to be recorded. The study revealed that within the first three months, around 90% of those taking less than 24hours, 64% of those individuals who can last up to a week, and 39% of those individuals lasting up to a month were not reported. The study found out that a large number of individuals who engaged in unsuccessful attempts are not usually recorded more particularly when they took a shorter period. This clearly indicates that the current estimates of quit attempts by smokers are underestimated due to inaccuracy in the recording. Similarly, this means that the success quit attempts are overestimated. The study, therefore, proposed for increased research in this field to determine accuracy in reporting of quit attempts.
Berg, C. J., an, L. C., Kirch, M., Guo, H., Thomas, J. L., Patten, C. A., & West, R. (2010). Failure to report attempts to quit smoking. Addictive Behaviors, 35(10), 900-904.
Section 3
This article describes populations of smokers who attempt to quit, both those who succeed and fail in England. The study was carried on 11,772 smokers in England.
Research Approach
The research utilizes a quantitative and is a meta-analysis approach in ascertaining the total number of people who attempt to quit and fail who are not reported.
Participant selection
The data is obtained from other studies i.e.the Smoking Toolkit Study. It provides tables that clearly indicates the response of participants of the surveys carried out by the studies.
Main results
The study ascertained that within a duration of three months, 90.1% of smokers lasting for a period less than a day, 63.7% of individuals lasting for a period of a day and a week, and 38.9% of individuals lasting for more than a week were not reported.
The outcomes show that the current estimations are inaccurate thereby requires to be reviewed.
Section 4
Ranking: Middle
Article 2
Section 1
Source: HCT Libraries page >Discover>Electronic Resources
Search terms: Effects of Smoking
Section 2
Title: Effects of Smoking and Smoking Abstinence on Cognition in Adolescent Tobacco Smokers
Recent studies have indicated that nicotine is associated with neuroprotection as well as cognitive enhancement that is experienced for a short duration. The studies have tested positive n both animals and human beings. Nevertheless, animal research in the recent times has depicted that exposing them to nicotine during the adolescent stage of development can easily lead to neurotoxic. Adolescents who engage in smoking usually experiences acute effects as a result. The study thereby compares the behavior of regular smokers to that of nonsmokers. The study utilizes the various types of memories by closely studying the behavior of individuals as a result of withdrawal from the use of nicotine. The research was carried out on both smokers and nonsmokers. The smokers were keenly observed on their behavior during the entire period of use of nicotine. Then the smokers were totally controlled from smoking, and the effects were further recorded. Then the results were to be compared to that of normal individuals who does not smoke. The study reveals that more than often, adolescent smokers develop impairment in their working memories a reason for poor performance in their activities. During the earlier ages of smoking for adolescents, ta high decrement in performance is observed. Once the adolescents are controlled from smoking, they further exhibited disruptions in their memories. The study further revealed that male smokers tend to start smoking at an earlier age when compared to their female counterparts. The study, therefore, ascertained that regular adolescent smokers experienced acute and chronic defects in their bodies. For instance, they suffered from severe impairment of both the working and verbal memories once they were controlled by using tobacco. Besides their cognitive performance highly decreased as a result of the cessation of smoking. This calls for a good strategy in cessation from smoking.
Jacobsen, L. K., Krystal, J. H., Mencl, W. E., Westerveld, M., Frost, S. J., &Pugh, K. R. (2005). Effects of smoking and smoking abstinence on cognition in adolescent tobacco smokers. Biological Psychiatry, 57(1), 56-66.
Section 3
The study was carried out on a group of adolescents which contained 42 consistent daily smokers and another group that contained 32 nonsmokers. The two groups were both adolescents of almost the same age, education level, and gender.
Research Approach
The research utilized the qualitative approach of collecting data. It deeply analyzed how cessation from the use of tobacco among the adolescents affected their cognitive abilities.
Participant selection
The participants of this study were randomly picked from adolescents. The random selection of participants could lead to accurate results.
Main results
The research ascertained that cessation from the use nicotine among adolescents highly affected their cognitive abilities. Their memory performance was lowered as a result.
Section 4
Ranking: High
The research uses that is of much significance to us as it aids us to understand deeply the effects of smoking on adolescents. The research engages many adolescents in the study thereby increasing the accuracy of its findings. Besides, the appropriate use of qualitative methodology aids ascertaining the cognitive effects of cessation from smoking among the adolescents. The research clearly determines how smoking tampers with the memory of the adolescents. The use of primary data is a very good advancement towards achieving the correct results. The author can clearly identify the cognitive changes that occur among the smoking adolescents thereby successfully attaining the project's goals.

The article could have been improved with the involvement of adolescents from different environments. Despite the article's efforts to cover a high number of individuals, it did not diversify its research. It could have obtained participants from different localities to minimize environmental influence in the determination of results.
Article 3
Section 1
Source: HCT Libraries pa...
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