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Evaluation on "The Doctor" (Reaction Paper Sample)


During med School, we were task to watch films related to our field and write reaction papers on them. This was one of the papers I wrote.


Reflection Paper: The Doctor
This is the second time that I have watched this movie. The first time I watched this was when I was in Highschool and this is the film made me want to be a doctor. However not just a doctor, I want to be a compassionate doctor. One who cares for his patients and sees them as a whole person, not as a disease.
It cannot be denied that doctors sometimes have a big ego. Just because they are doctors, they tend to look down on those who are lower than them. Sometimes doctors look down on doctors with less experience. In medicine we have this medical hierarchy, a kind of fraternity that one must respect just because there are people with higher ranks. However, as future doctors from AUP, we believe that we are all equals in the eyes of the Lord and we must never look down on those people with less ranking or titles than us.
My personal issue happens to be very apt with the movie. I have this issue of impatience. Just like the protagonist in the movie, he is impatient towards others and his patients. He does not show compassion and focuses on the tasks that need to be done. However the movie made me realize that if I keep on being impatient towards my colleagues, the working relationship will be affected and we will not be able to deliver the care that needs to be delivered to our patients.
What I liked the least about the movie is how the doctors treat their patients and colleagues of lesser rank. They are so full of themselves that they forget that the others are people too. As a future doctor, I will not be like that. But instead, foster a

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