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Analysis of An Art (Reaction Paper Sample)


The Written Project is to write a one page reflection paper about a work of 2-D art (any media) & include an image of it. Discuss why you think it is a strong work of art, or why it is not a strong work of art. Art can be by a contemporary artist or an artist from history. You do not need to include secondary sources to support your opinion.


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My Understanding of Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci's magnum opus Mona Lisa is a remarkable piece of art. Completed in 1506, this artwork features a woman with a mysterious smile. Imaginary landscape behind the character makes this oil painting more meaningful and engaging. Millions of people around the world come to see the iconic piece of art housed at Louvre in Paris. Like many, I regard Mona Lisa as one of the magnificent and skillfully made paintings. The main character, bewitching gaze, uncanny valley behind her, and color contrast are still a subject of debate, which makes the masterpiece an outstanding example of a strong artwork.

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