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Familiar Rock Band Research Assignment: The Beatles' Best (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task was about giving an opinion regarding music from popular rock bands in the past that still has an influence on current music culture. This sample presents music done by the Beatles and gives reasons why it remains to be influential despite a difference in the time.

The Beatles’ Best
The Beatles is a familiar rock band that enjoys popularity as being influential for the most part of their career. The group, through their distinctive vocal harmonies managed to transcend pop music culture successfully through transforming rock and roll sound in a unique manner. Basing on my observations, the Beatles’ “Don't Let Me Down” appears to be the most influential on the type of music that appeals to me.
Generally, the kind of sound that attracts my attention tend to lean more on rock and roll that has lots of rhythm and harmony with lyrics emphasizing on romance to a greater extent. A unique attribute that tends to dog most of this music is the element of instrumentals and vocals taking turns in the song as they strive to pass the message. It should not necessarily be the trend through the whole piece, but what is enjoyed is the dramatic element in the transitions between vocals and the instrumentals. The form mostly employed in these pieces is verse chorus often with relaxed tempos.
It is what is depicted in “Don’t Let Me Down” with accompaniment from the guitars and drums being in close harmony to bring out the consonant sounds skillfully. The verses are done calmly often by one soloist before the other voices later join in a passionate manner together with some form of intensity in the chorus. The texture of the tune has a single melodic line with accompaniment making it naturally homophonic. Basing on the lyrics of the song, this is truly a love song and the emotions are clearly brought out through the singing style, thus b...
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