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Rescuing a Sister and Peony Pavilion Evaluation (Reaction Paper Sample)


REACTION TO THE PLAY Rescuing a Sister and Peony Pavilion


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Rescuing a Sister and Peony Pavilion Reaction
Hanqing's and Xianzu's plays have different characters, songs, dialogues, and other interactions. Hanqing's play consists of a heroine and villain with an unforeseen twist. In rescuing a sister, a young lady plans to marry a loving man who treats her well. An unexpected event happens, and Zhou Pan-er, who is a hero, rescues the sister. Xianzu's play is about an uncommon love story where a woman resurrects to wed her ideal man.
Rescuing a Sister gives a negative first impression of Zhou-She. Yinzhang writes to her mother, narrating how Zhou-She gave her 50 strokes of cane to put her in her place (Hsia and Li 279). Zhou-She also brags that he is from a wealthy family and does not care about women. Despite Zhou Pan-er warning Yinzhang about marrying Zhou-She, Yinzhang decides to marry him. Yinzhang wants to marry Zhou-She for his looks and money, which is the wrong reason. Yinzhang is not keen on knowing who Zhou-She is but focuses on money and looks (Hsia and Li 276). Zhou Pan-er's warnings become a reality and help Yinzhang to get a divorce. Zhou Pan-er is a hero because she saves her friend from physical and emotional abuse despite being morally wrong.

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