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Chopin’s Story Examines Identity and Gender Roles (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task required an analysis of Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” in 1894. It should focus on women's oppression, gender roles, identity, marriage, and love during the 19th century. Outside scholarly articles would be necessary. The writer would also relate such social issues to the changes that have occurred to date


Chopin’s Story Examines Identity and Gender Roles

Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” in 1894 focuses on a woman's reaction towards her husband's alleged death. Although Louise expresses her grief, she believes that her husband's death would imply her independence. However, Brently's reappearance dashes her dreams of living an independent life. Chopin examines themes of freedom, identity, and love throughout the story. Therefore, the story reflects a male-dominated society, where men made choices on behalf of their wives.
Chopin’s story examines identity and gender roles during the late nineteenth century. Edwards suggests that men would set the standards and expectations that their wives had to meet during the period (1). Despite her intelligence, Louise could not make significant decisions because it was men's responsibility to control their families. Instead, women were supposed to perform domestic duties like cleaning their homes and cooking. Therefore, Chopin utilizes the story to explain women's role in society.
The story illustrates marriage and love as portrayed in different traditional communities. For instance, Louise expresses her love for Brently by crying after hearing that her husband has died (Chopin, 1). Women's respect for their husband's decisions symbolized love and affection. Although women faced challenges in expressing their ideas, they could not hide their love experiences.

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