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Media and Self-Esteem Literature & Language Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


a reaction paper on the subject gender and media.


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Subject: Sociology
Media and Self-esteem
Writer and activist Jean Kilbourne noticed a pattern on the portrayal of women in advertising and how problematic it is. She discussed this in detail how ads insinuate gender roles and dictate impossible beauty standards. It objectifies women to evoke desire in anything (Kilbourne, 2010). Consumerism has taken audacious steps for the sake of profit affecting the well-being of women, hurting most especially their self-esteem. Action must be taken to change this culture.
The depiction of flawlessness that cannot be achieved is inescapable in today’s rampant consumption of media. These unrealistic expectations of body types extend to roles and character traits, and these have also been as damaging in motherhood, workplaces, schools and universities (Stanković, Živković, Marić and Gajić, 2018). 

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