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Cancer Health, Medicine, Nursing Reaction Paper Essay (Reaction Paper Sample)


a reaction paper on cancer and how it is affecting people in the society.


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Brain Cancer: Cell Division and Cancer
Brain cancer can come with a lot of symptoms. While not all brain tumors can be classified as cancerous some tumors like benign can result in similar symptoms. Abnormal growth of cells in the brain can be referred to brain tumors. The term Brain cancer can be used when there is a malignant tumor. These tumors affect the brain because they grow and affect other areas quickly. They are aggressive and they affect healthy cells quickly. They can take their space, blood, and even nutrients. Since they need nutrients and blood to thrive. Brain cancer can result when one type of cell transforms its normal characteristics. When this happens, the cell can multiply in an abnormal manner. When the cells grow abnormally and become a mass, they are called a tumor. Most of the brain tumors are named after the brain area they affect. There is no clear explanation of how brain cancer is exactly caused. Researchers have connected brain cancer to environmental toxins, HIV infection, radiation, and, smoking among other things.

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