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Medical behavior change Health, Medicine, Nursing Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


The paper was a reaction paper that focused on evaluating behavior change. I explained about the change in social media addiction. I explained about the change process and related aspects such as the challenges experienced.


Health Behavior Change Contract
1 Health behavior change goal? Do you feel you were successful with this 30-day challenge? Why or why not?
The health behavior that I was dealing with is my addition to social media. When I first signed up in various social media sites, it seemed like all fun, until it started to take a toll on me. I could hardly stay without having my eyes glued on my phone for almost the entire day. I used social media to connect with people, read through, comment and ‘like or dislike' the post of other people. I would stay the whole day posting different posts on my social media. My focus for cutting the time I spent on social media sites, is supported by Rook, who argues that social networks affect social interactions (46). Additionally, Godino argues that social networks are contributed to an increase in overweight (748). Therefore, my goal was to reduce the number I spent on social media to only 2 hours a day. Through the 30days Health Behavior Change Contract, I have been successful to reduce the number of hours I spend on social media to only 3 hours. I am still working on reducing the number of hours I spend on social media to 2 hours. Therefore, with the 3 hours, I am spending on the social media site, I can consider myself to have succeeded given that I was spending a total of 10 hours on social media.

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